About Madeira Accounting

Kelly Burkholder, owner of Madeira Accounting

Kelly, the founder and the owner of Madeira Accounting Services Ltd, was born in Vancouver and grew up in the West Kootneys of BC. She graduated from business school and received a diploma in Business Administration / Accounting & Computers with honours.

She has several work experiences that include Ammo Power Tool as a Staff Accountant / Office Manager / Administrator, the Vancouver Stock Exchange, a Senior Buyer at Mackenzie & Feimann, Bar Manager at Canoustie Golf Course, and Operations Supervisor at J Walter Co.

Not only does she own her own business, she is also actively involved with her daughter's soccer team, as the team co-coach. She thrives to be healthy and fit so she does boot camp three times per week. Kelly enjoys reading, skiing, golf and dance when she has down time outside her work.